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We run one and two-day interactive workshops in schools that improve students’ understanding and enthusiasm for business, open their eyes to a wider range of careers and develop employability skills.

We also work with young people with special educational needs and young offenders. 

Programs include:
  • Key Skills for Work
  • Your Money
  • Business Awareness
Key Skills for Work teaches 14 to 16-year-old students the essential skills that underpin success in education, employment, and personal development. The emphasis is on student participation through group-discussion, practical exercises and role-playing.  The day is divided into three to four workshops enabling them to identify, develop and practice the essential employability skills needed to be successful at work. These include communication, application of numeracy, team working, sharing information, problem-solving, decision-making, delivering the presentation, negotiating, time management, and risk-taking.  Trained Business Volunteers assist in the program, sharing their own experience of work and facilitating students’ own learning during the activities.  
Your Money – is Your Money is our financial capability program for 14 to 16-year-old students. It focuses on tackling the low levels of financial literacy by offering effective financial advice and knowledge at an early age. The aim is to reach young people as early as possible to help them develop the financial skills and knowledge they need to manage their finances well, cope with major financial decisions and avoid debt later in life. Up to 30 students participate in team challenges and quizzes to allow them to learn how to budget, realize how money affects their lives, understand how much their lifestyle aspirations cost and what they need to earn to afford them, and prudent use of financial products like loans and credit. Each student taking part is rewarded with ’The Little Book of Your Money’, which reinforces the learning from the course.
Business Awareness develops an understanding of business and its role in the economy, including entrepreneurial activity and self-employment. Around 30 students work in teams over 6 to 8 interactive seminars. Students gain a practical understanding of key subjects such as human resources, finance, marketing and sales, logistics, design & development, management, IT and production. Trained Business Volunteers from a range of sectors bring their knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm into the classroom.
The Enterprise Education Trust was founded in 2019 to help young people bridge the gap between education and work.
Our mission is to empower young people with the information and life skills needed to realize their potential through business and enterprise. We deliver a range of flexible, interactive programs that use the real-life business experience to inform, involve and inspire young people of all abilities. Over the years we’ve helped more than a million young people, 3,000 in the last years alone.

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Learn Foreign Languages While Working


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Enterprise Education
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Email: support@enterprise-education.org.uk